...a revolutionary way

to put more water

into the ground

with lower pressure

and reduced

energy consumption!


Low pressure irrigation

takes a turn for the better...

with Turbo Spray,

the water-saving,

energy-saving revolving

sprinkler head system!


Dear Center Pivot User:

TURBO SPRAY is a fully programmed sprinkler head that distributes water more efficiently on center pivot irrigation equipment.  The TURBO SPRAY system puts more water into the ground with a greater diameter of coverage.

The principle behind TURBO SPRAY is simplicity itself.  Each sprinkler head has a revolving impeller that flings water outward over a 360-degree area in well formed droplets — not a fine, atomized mist prone to rapid evaporation and wind drift, as with other sprinkler heads.  So, more water reaches the ground —in a gentle, rain-like spray — and water distribution is uniform and consistent along the entire length of your center pivot machine.

You actually use less water with TURBO SPRAY — because water is used more efficiently!  And that means savings: in precious water resources ... in energy required to bring water out of the ground ... in pressure to operate your center pivot machine.

TURBO SPRAY water-saving sprinkler heads can be used on all makes and models of center pivot irrigation equipment — either new machines or equipment already in the field.  And because of the wider diameter of spray, TURBO SPRAY covers more ground with fewer sprinkler heads, which means additional savings.

This brochure provides details of the TURBO SPRAY water-distribution concept and how the TURBO SPRAY system can halp you cut irrigation expenses substantially.  There are figures by which you can estimate potential savings using the particular specifications of your own center pivot system.  And there’s an order form which you can use to begin saving with TURBO SPRAY today.

Take a few minutes to read over the information carefully.  Then complete the form, and mail it today.


Turbo Spray

revolving sprinkler head system

- to save water!

- to save energy!

- to reduce costs of irrigation!

The Turbo Spray revolving sprinkler head system puts more water into the ground with less water loss, less energy required!

Designed to work efficiently at low water pressures, Turbo Spray revolving sprinkler heads provide excellent ground coverage with a large diameter spray pattern and uniformity of water distribution  all along the center pivot machine, puttig both a reduced workload on the pumping system and reduced demand on below-ground or holding-pond water supply.

Saves water by

reducing water loss

in the air!

Conventional sprinkler heads force a hard stream of water against an impact plate or other dispersing device that breaks the water up into a fine mist which can lose as much as 40 percent of its volume to evaporation and wind drift before it reaches the ground.

But Turbo Spray puts water into the ground tha way nature does, in well formed droplets that tend to resist evaporation and wind drift.  The revolving impellor flings water droplets outward, to fall like a soft summer rain, reaching the ground quickly and soaking in thoroughly and evenly to increase efficiency in water use and lessen demand on water supply.

Saves energy by

reducing pressure,

water requirements!

Increased watering efficiency pays off in energy savings as well as water savings.  By reducing water demand, pump operation can be cut back at the well, or at the holding pond.

And since Turbo Spray revolving sprinkler heads operate efficiently at lower pressures — as much as 60 percent less pressure than conventional heads — pump output pressure can be reduced significantly, yielding savings on both energy consumption and wear on equipment.

In fact, center pivot users in Nebraska, Colorado and Texas have reported operational savings of upwards of 50 percent after installing Turbo Spray revolving sprinkler heads on existing equipment — and those savings were realized immediately.

Reduces danger of

crop damage,

uneven watering,

soil compaction!

An added Turbo Spray benefit is reduced danger to crops from sudden heavy concentrations of water.  Water is released through multiple openings and distributed evenly over a 360-degree area by the revolving impellor.  So it’s never concentrated in one spot at any one time.

This even distribution not only avoids damage to crops, it reduces puddling on the ground which can cause soil compaction and flooding.  It encourages more consistent absorption of water by the soil — even clay soil — which mean increased moisture retention and more efficient percolation of water to plant roots.

Fewer heads needed:

designed specially for

consistent coverage

along the entire length

of the pivot machine!

The spray diameter of the Turbo Spray revolving sprinkler head is greater than other low pressure sprinklers, so fewer heads are required to achieve excellent uniformity of ground coverage and spray overlap.

As part of a fully programmed water distribution system, Turbo Spray revolving sprinkler heads are customized for replacement at various points along the length of the center pivot machine.  Since the machine covers a progressively greater diameter of ground toward the outer end, Turbo Spray heads placed along the length are designed to deliver progressively greater amounts of water.  More water is delivered farther out, less water closer in — so watering is consistent from the pivot to the far end of the machine.

Also, there are no dry spots within the watering diameter of each Turbo Spray sprinkler head.  Water distribution is consistent right from the edge of the revolving impellor outward.

Completely versatile,

resists chemicals,

less wear on equipment!

Turbo Spray revolving sprinkler heads are designed in both top- and bottom-mount configurations, to operate efficient either on top of a center pivot machine or from drop pipes, for total versatility.  They can be used on all makes and models of center pivot irrigation equipment — either new machines or equipment already in the field.  And they can be adapted for use on wheel line and lateral move systems.

Components are injection molded out of a special compound material that cannot rust or corrode and is highly resistant to deterioration from contact with fertilizers, pesticides or other agricultural chemicals.

And they not only ease maintenance problems, they help prolong the working life of the entire center pivot machine, because their revolving action minimizes vibration — the exact opposite of spray heads that are designed to operate by vibrating.

Join the Turbo Spray

revolution —

and start saving now!

The Turbo Spray revolving sprinkler head system saves water ... saves energy ... reduces maintenance problems and expenses.  Turbo Spray heads are versatile, long wearing and minimize wear on irrigation equipment.  They reduce crop damage and distribute water more evenly, more efficiently than any other heads available.

And — the Turbo Spray system actually costs less.  Fewer heads are required to achieve better results!

Start saving with Turbo Spray now.  Follow the figures and formula in the right-hand panel to determine how many Turbo Spray heads your center pivot machine requires — and how much you can save.  Then fill in the information requested on the order form enclosed, and send the form today.

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Direct-to-User Promotion

Mid 1980s

Direct-mail sales package highlighting the benefits of a new type of revolving sprinkler head designed for center-pivot irrigation systems, directed at the farmer-user

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