Dear Colleague:

It has been said that an organization’s effectiveness can be measured by the prominence of those who stand against it.  So I guess I have to be pleased at the impact which The Thomas More Center is having.

You may have read about how Planned Parenthood is trying to shred the First Amendment after our success in the so-called “Nuremberg Files” case.  The Thomas More Center obtained a reversal of a $109-million jury verdict against 12 pro-life activists (seven of whom were our direct clients) for their anti-abortion efforts.

Now, Planned Parenthood — backed by a troop of high-profile organizations and individuals, including Senators Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy — is seeking en-banc review of the unanimous Ninth Circuit Court finding that our clients were acting entirely within their constitutional rights when they identified and publicly criticized a group of doctors who perform abortions.

We have to fight this battle over again.  And let me assure you, fight it we will, all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary.  Because this case involves precisely the principle which the First Amendment was written to protect.

What could be more relevant to the right of free speech than citizens expressing their fervent views on an issue of vital public concern?  The ability of our clients to freely express their objections to abortion and to publicly confront those who perpetrate this evil goes to the very heart of the First Amendment.

But the fight will be hard — and expensive — which is why I’m writing you today.  I was deeply moved by the experience of addressing the Michigan Catholic Lawyers Guild.  My speech to your organization was one of the few times in my professional life when I have been in the company of a large group of colleagues whom I sensed shared the ideals for which I went into the law.

Now I’m asking your support in a case that has profound implications — for our clients, to be sure, but perhaps for your clients’ rights as well.  There are issues at stake here that will set precedents in civil-liberties and defense-of-life cases now  in the legal pipeline or yet to be heard.  The finding by the Ninth Circuit is a fragile but critical line drawn in the battle against abortion.  And it must be held.

I can’t describe the levels of viciousness and deceit to which our opponents have reached in the “Nuremberg Files” case. Even that designation itself — the tag applied to this litigation by the pro-abortion media — is misleading.  The public has been led to believe that Planned Parenthood’s action was taken against the infamous “Nuremberg Files” website that targeted abortionists.

That website and its creators were never even part of our case, but you wouldn’t know it from the media reports.  And the dissembling, inaccuracy and false innuendo continue to this day.

Which is why we need your help.

Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion allies will stop at nothing to reverse the Ninth-Circuit ruling.  They’ve enlisted some of the largest New York law firms, elicited amicus briefs from the AMA, 58 members of Congress, and an incredible assortment of abortion and civil-liberties groups whipped into a frenzy of hysteria — all in an attempt to overwhelm our limited resources.  And why?

• Because we’ve taken over the First-Amendment high ground they usually claim as their own.

• Because they know our case is solid.

• And because they understand all too clearly that letting the truth about abortion be heard ultimately means the end of this barbaric practice.

Please help us hold this critical line in the fight against abortion.  Use the envelope enclosed to send your tax-deductible contribution to the Thomas More Center.  And please remember us in your prayers.  The commitment and collegial unity of Catholic attorneys can make a real difference in our struggle to defend life.

Having met you face to face, I know I can count on your help.

God bless,

Richard Thompson, Director

The Thomas More Center

PS: In the words of Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  So please use the envelope today.

• • •

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