Journey to Excellence Series

Want excellence? The Journey to Excellence curriculum, featuring Fr. Robert Spitzer, is a perfect solution.  Thousands of individuals and scores of organizations can attest to its impact.

Journey to Excellence can be facilitated in your organization using the format and frequency of your choice.  The tools are all there.  Participants simply view and discuss the 16-DVD presentations (milestones), using a customized notebook of learning tools.

But the learning experience doesn’t end there.  A companion set of audio CDs with more commentary on the 16 themes is a treasure trove of insight for individual use after the group sessions.  This method maximizes the learning and living of higher principles.

Facilitator training is available through the Center along with a host of materials designed to optimize progress along the journey.  The program features PowerPoint slides and movie clips along with group discussion, personal exercises, a buddy system, and personal and organizational profiles.

Sample of the 16 Milestones

• So what’s the Big Idea?  The Four Levels of Happiness – a transforming life philosophy

• Detours and Roadblocks.  Create your own personal hell in three easy lessons

• Exit Strategies.  How to get out of hell in three easy lessons

• Success with Ethics.  How a higher viewpoint transforms ethics

• What’s Virtue got to do with it?  Powerful habits for ethical excellence

• Success with People.  Three higher ways of viewing people

• Success with Vision and Teamwork.  Taking your team to a higher level

Three Assessments

1. Character CV — Individual instrument to determine personal profile on hierarchy of four classic character strengths which affect performance

2. Purpose Hierarchy — Individual instrument to determine personal profile on hierarchy of four levels of purpose which affect team building

3. Life Styles Inventory — Corporate instrument to determine distribution on hierarchy of organizational attributes which affect: innovation, customer retention, turnover, quality, profitability.

Instructional Materials

The Spitzer Center for Ethical Leadership is pleased to offer an assortment of original learning materials designed to amplify the principles and insights presented in the Journey to Excellence series:

1. The Spirit of Leadership — Optimizing Creativity and Change in Organizations

This 343-page book deals with some of the intangible aspects of organizational life — spirit and trust.  Spitzer’s breakthrough insight on the Four Levels of HappinessTM presents a roadmap for personal and organizational excellence.

2. The Spirit of Leadership CD Series

These four CDs (60 minutes each) give an overview of inspired leadership.  Topics deal with optimizing leadership, happiness, ethics, trust, and much more.

3. Six Steps Toward Ethical Health — How can individuals and organizations move beyond a compliance mentality when it comes to ethics?

This 25-page booklet is a handy summary of the decline of ethics, with practical recommendations for ethical transformation.

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Business-to-Business Promotion

Early ‘00s

Excerpts from a flyer promoting curriculum materials for a seminar series aimed at developing ethical awareness among organizational management

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