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— serving OEMs with quality,

dependability, financial strength

Large and small OEMs can maintain and increase their competitive advantage by building an effective relationship with an experienced, quality-oriented subcontractor.

At Skyline Electronics, our goal is to provide a quality product in a time-effective manner at a competitive price. That applies to all services: engineering consultation, hardware and software design, assembly of consigned materials, right up to complete turnkey manufacturing.

Subcontracting Offers

Numerous Advantages


Subcontracting offers the OEM many advantages:

1. availability of immediate additional manufacturing capacity without the problems associated with scheduling, finding floor space, training additional personnel, additional tooling...

2. concentration of OEM time and energy on design, marketing, system support, and other critical concerns...

3. availability of a stable workforce with peak loads absorbed by the subcontractor...

4. specialized services and skills that might not be easily provided or maintained within the OEM organization...

5. conservation of engineering time by contracting selected design of equipment or production support.

Manufacturing Expertise,

Effective Communication


Skyline has assembled a team of experts made up of engineers, technicians and assemblers with years of experience in management, design and light manufacturing of electrical and mechanical assemblies. This translates into cost savings, on-time delivery, and unsurpassed quality.

Everyone on the team realizes that effective communication with the customer is essential to the quality of the final product - communication at all levels: sales to purchasing, engineering to engineering, production to production, quality to quality, and shipping to receiving.

In-House Capabilities,

Specialized Equipment


Skyline's in-house manufacturing capability can be a particular asset to OEMs requiring labor-intensive production runs of wide, diverse product lines - especially cables and harnesses - in a variety of production types and materials, and calling for specialized equipment.

Our cable and harnessing department offers a comprehensive array of automatic and semi-automatic wire cutting and stripping devices. Our printed circuit assembly department features state-of-the-art component-preparation equipment, including laser-light component-delivery systems for loading boards in reduced time with substantial reductions in loading-error rates.

Wave-soldering and in-line wash units complement Skyline's array of precision equipment.

And out in-house engineering services are available to assist with product design and design refinement, to streamline assembly procedures and reduce production costs.

Financial Strength,

Proven Dependability


Skyline's strong financial background and expanding capital equipment budget offer OEMs a unique opportunity to develop and expand manufacturing capacity and capabilities in a results-oriented partnership. Customers can rely on our impressive credentials, our experienced people, our equipment, and our strong, positive reputation. These assets turn shared goals into manufacturing reality.

Check our how our unique services can help you maintain and increase your competitive edge. Call Skyline Electronics today.

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Business-to-Business Promotion

Mid ’80s

Extract from a brochure promoting contract electronic assembly services

to original equipment manufacturers

Services Provided:

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