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It probably takes a little effort to explain what makes your organization, product or service as outstanding as it is. Uniqueness, originality, personal attention, underlying principles: such qualities aren't necessarily obvious to the casual reader.

In fact, what really sets you apart from your competition might not always be obvious to the staff members charged with promoting your organization, since they're so deeply immersed in its day-to-day concerns.

Fresh perspective can help...

Your marketing, advertising or fundraising could benefit from the skill, perceptiveness and fresh thinking of an outside creative service. But that requires a writer who can recognize those aspects of your organization, its systems, products or services that are truly distinctive, and who is adept at communicating that distinctiveness in understandable, compelling ways.

We specialize in creating promotional messages that convey the unique qualities of companies, institutions, products and services: messages that generate interest and motivate response. Our special strength lies in developing brochures, booklets and other substantial publications that highlight benefits which may not be obvious and are often indirect or complicated.

What's special about this service...

This isn't technical writing (though frequently it deals with technical subjects). Rather, it is highly refined marketing communication that targets specific interests and needs. It relies on making conceptual connections. And it uses simple, compelling language that speaks authentically and conveys a sense of importance and urgency, without relying on cliches or overblown rhetoric.

Experience and versatility...

We have broad marketing experience, having created promotional materials for a wide variety of educational institutions, non-profit organizations, marketers, manufacturing firms, publishers, professional service providers and financial institutions for more than three decades. We provide a full range of creative services. We can write to suit established formats, or provide complete, turnkey copy and graphic production service, as your communication needs require. Our special focus is clear, authoritative, polished, incisive, powerful writing.

Check out our work...

This website offers some samples of our work for organizations that have very specific and sophisticated messages to convey, messages that require a combination of authenticity, conviction, clarity and marketing savvy. Please take a few minutes to read them, noting how the writing communicates those special strengths and unique features of each organization, how it clarifies subtle or complicated points, and how it encourages positive responses.

Then consider how we can create materials that meet your communication goals. We'd be delighted to help you convey your important messages. Together we'll be sure to get the words right. Many thanks!

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NOTE: Materials reproduced on this website were created for, and are the exclusive property of, the various organizations we have served.

Permission is hereby granted for downloading and printing out by prospective clients for the purpose of evaluating the quality of our work, as well as for educational purposes by instructors or students. All samples provided in this online portfolio have been excerpted from copy created for the organizations noted, and are the property of those organizations. All other contents of this website are the property of Company Publications, Inc.

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Company Publications, Inc. offers a variety of creative services to assist companies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions meet their communications, marketing, and fund-raising goals.  We have been privileged to serve a diverse group of clients around the country.

To view samples of

our work, created

over the course of

several decades, click on this icon...

We develop print and media communication materials, including:

  1. -Brochures and Booklets

  2. -Company/Institutional Magazines

- Newsletters

- Sales and Recruitment Literature

- Fundraising Materials

- Annual Reports and Investor Information

- Organization Histories

- Commemorative Publications

- Special-Event Publications

- Public Relations Materials

  1. -Multi-Media and Online Materials

We serve a variety of commercial and institutional clients, including:

- Business Service Companies

- Manufacturing Companies

- Non-Profit Organizations

- Schools and Colleges

- Financial Service Companies

- Advertising and Public Relations Agencies

- Marketing and Fundraising Consultants

- Publishing Companies

- Online Service Providers

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To view some samples

of our work, created over

the course of several

decades, click on this icon...

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