There are two crucial keys

to success in the

restaurant business:


1. Bringing in more customers!

2. Maintaining control of your costs!

Restaurant Accounting Systems — specialists in food service accounting since 1962 — can help you with the second, so you can do more of the first.


Restaurant Accounting Systems, Inc.

— just what the name says: accounting systems that meet the specialized needs of restaurant operating companies.

The more business you do...the more costs you incur...the more complicated your accounting...the more time you spend doing your books — and the less time you have for the things that make money.

It’s a vicious cycle

You know that computerizing can help.  But where do you find a system that can handle all the fluctuating payrolls, the complicated tax laws, the reporting and other variables of the restaurant business?

No off-the-shelf

software package

will do it

What you need is an accounting system designed specifically for restaurant companies - by people who know the restaurant business: Restaurant Accounting Systems, Inc.

Restaurant Accounting Systems

can help you keep on top of

all your operating costs —

at a cost you can live with!

What can hurt you in the restaurant business is not knowing what’s going on.  Most accounting systems aren’t adequate to handle all the changes and keep you fully informed of where you stand.

Our food costs are up and down.  You’re putting on more help one day, sending them home the next.  All the while, you can be losing control of these costs.

And when you finally do find out what’s happening, the prices on your menu can’t go up and down to reflect all the changes in costs.  So budgeting become an art, and cashflow can be a nightmare.

Even if you put all the figures into your computer everyday — as you should — most systems just can’t give you the composite information you need to stay completely in control.

That’s because most systems are programmed to provide reports strictly on a monthly basis.  And in a business where costs of goods change every time you make a purchase, that’s not good enough.

More accounting periods

Restaurant Accounting Systems gives you as many as 65 separate accounting periods per year.  That means you can have complete, fully updated reports on all areas of your restaurant operations monthly, weekly, or even more frequently — however you want them.

That way you’re getting the most immediate and complete information possible — and getting it when you have time to react to it, to adjust your operations, to take steps to control costs and maximize profitability.

Saves time, saves money

And you can have that added information — that increased control — without burdening yourself or your bookkeeping staff with added accounting chores or paper work.

In fact, the RASI system eases your bookkeeping headaches.  It provides orderly, systematic routines and procedures for recording all your accounting data.  And it organizes your figures into logical, understandable reports that give you your cost picture you clearly how your business is doing...and provide instant comparisons with previous periods for planning and analysis.

The RASI system frees time that you’d spend on bookkeeping, to give you more time to concentrate on managing your restaurant operations.  Essentially, it provides the accounting help you need, so you can turn your attention more completely to building your business — And without the costs of additional bookkeeping staff.  (Actually, the RASI system costs less than the salary and benefits package of an additional person.  And there’s no vacation time required!)

Accounts Payable...Payroll...

General Ledger — the RASI system

is designed to meet all the

bookkeeping and information needs

of restaurant operating firms!

The RASI system was designed for use by the franchisees of a major national restaurant chain.  It reflects years of practical, hands-on experience in providing the nuts-and-bolts financial information that restaurant operators need.  And it provides that information in flexible formats which can be customized in a variety of ways to make your data most useful to you.


The RASI system handles all your payroll accounting needs.  It’s programmed to run tax accounting and withholding routines for all 50 states, as well as cities and counties.  And it conforms to regulations on reporting tips and tip credits.

Paychecks are processed and printed on any schedule you designate, and various labor reports are provided — such as a special hours report by job category.

The system also accounts for all taxes: federal, state and local, including W-2 forms.

Accounts Payable

The RASI system accounts for all your payables, providing the utmost flexibility to allow for the wide variations in food purchases from day to day.  Payable entries can be made anytime and checks printed on whatever schedule is most convenient.

Accounts are adjusted automatically with each transaction.  And regular reports are updated to reflect your latest purchases, for a running, accurate overview of all your payments.

Reporting, analysis

If you’re a multi-unit operator, the RASI system was designed especially for you.  It provides consolidated financial statements which include Balance Sheets, Income and Expenses, and Optional Cash Flow statements.

You get year-to-date cumulative figures as well as comparisons by period, plus numerous analytical reports examining food and materials costs, earnings, labor and overhead, and other factors.  You can even have comparison figures by location.

It’s the most complete, accurate, up-to-date information available.  It’s the most thoroughly useful information — provided precisely the way you need it — because the RASI system is designed specifically for restaurant operators.

You can enjoy all the benefits

of the RASI accounting system

— either in-house by lease or

by ongoing service agreement!

Restaurant Accounting Systems, Inc. makes the RASI system available tol restaurant operating companies in two ways: (1) You can lease our specially designed restaurant accounting software for use on your own in-house microcomputer system.  (2) You can have all accounting services provided by our accounting staff through an ongoing service agreement.

Automatic tax law updates

Full software support is provided to lease system users, and any system enhancements of programming alterations, to reflect changes in tax laws or regulations, are provided as part of the package.  (A comprehensive training program is also included.)

Outside accounting service is provided weekly or monthly, as you require.  You just send your sales, expense and payroll figures to Restaurant Accounting Systems at the end of each accounting period and receive a fully updated set of consolidated financial statements the following week.

Either way, by lease or service agreement, you have the most advances, most comprehensive accounting system available to restaurant companies today — to provide the bookkeeping help you help you get better control over your free you to do more business.

Find out more about how the RASI system can help you meet all your accounting needs.  Contact ...

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Late 1980s

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