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America's public schools were built on a foundation of personal commitment and community support. Talented men and women sought careers as public-school educators out of personal devotion to teaching. Parents knew they could count on their local schools and the support of neighborhood institutions to prepare children for responsible and productive lives.

Today, Michigan parents face the challenge - and the opportunity - of choosing their children's educational path. But there are many options available: public schools, private academies, charter institutions, home schooling. How can you know which way is best?

Heritage and High Tech

In Jonesville, we carry on the great tradition of community-based public instruction that converted immigrant people from all over the world into Americans and forged a common culture uniquely successful in human history.

But we do it in a way that meets today's changing conditions and pressing needs. We strike a balance between the rural heritage of our "heartland" setting and the educational demands of a competitive global economy - between the homey familiarity of a small town and the technological sophistication that will impact the lives of young people in the next century.

We operate our schools frugally - getting the most out of our facilities, and putting our resources into materials and programs that yield the most benefits in learning, competence and growth.


The Personal Touch

In Jonesville, we pride ourselves on the close attention we give to each student's individual strengths and needs. Teachers get to know the students - their backgrounds, their families, their home situations - to a degree that's possible only in a small community. They're able to establish long-term mentoring relationships that offer support and encouragement, build self-confidence, and provide models of adult life and personal accomplishment.

Special curricular programs overcome obstacles in students' lives and open the way to learning experiences that meet individual goals and cultivate unique skills, talents and aptitudes. We take full advantage of technology with a district-wide computer network that puts students in touch with information resources in libraries, universities and research facilities around the world. And we promote affiliations with other institutions to provide opportunities for further enrichment that can help young people pursue their dreams.

Consider Jonesville

This brochure notes some of the most attractive features of Jonesville Community Schools. Please take a moment to read it. Then visit our schools, and see for yourself how we can offer your child the best of the small-town experience with unlimited potential for growth and learning. You'll understand why - with all the educational choices available to you today - Jonesville has the schools of choice.


Williams Elementary School

PRAGMATIC APPROACH - Proven teaching methods are blended with the most promising new techniques to meet each child's individual needs and learning style. Teachers keep current through advanced-degree training and required attendance at educational conferences and seminars.

LOGICAL PROGRESSION - The curriculum of every grade fits into a comprehensive sequence that builds on material previously mastered, keeps students up to grade-level expectations, and lays a solid foundation for secondary school.

ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES - Students receive supplemental instruction in music, art, computers, gym and foreign language (Spanish); participate in a wide variety of enriching activities, such as field trips, after-school clubs, competitive athletics and Quiz Bowl; and enjoy presentations from special visitors that have included scientists, storytellers and performing groups.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT - Parents, business people and senior citizens volunteer as mentors and remedial tutors in the HOSTS Program (Helping Other Students To Succeed), a nationwide community-involvement effort in which Jonesville has gained recognition. A strong, active Parent-Teacher Association raises funds for school activities and equipment, provides help with enrichment projects, and maintains good school-family communication for solving problems and identifying special needs.

Jonesville Junior-Senior High School

SOLID ACADEMICS - From our comprehensive junior high program, through college preparatory classes, academics are as rigorous as any public secondary curriculum in Michigan. Jonesville was the first district in Hillsdale County to receive accreditation from the North-Central Association of Schools, and has been a pioneer in the development of "block scheduling," in which classes are held in intensive hour-and-a-half sessions. A study conducted by Hillsdale College indicated that Jonesville graduates compare favorably with those matriculating from other districts in the area. (Hillsdale's dean of students reported: "Jonesville students are very well prepared for college-level work, and they continue to perform well once they get here.")

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY - Two complete computer laboratories provide broad exposure to the information technology which has become essential to higher education as well as to most careers today. Advanced instrumentation is employed in many courses. For example, math students receive extensive training in the use of graphing calculators after mastering basic computational skills.

VOCATIONAL EDUCATION - Reflecting a demand for high-skilled crafts in our rural community, technical education is available in select vocational specialties: agricultural science; automotive mechanics and car care; small engine repair; accounting and business practices; and computers. Students can receive college credit for participation in the automotive program, which operates the only fully-equipped vehicle repair facility in any high school in the county. (Advanced instruction in a variety of skills is available through the Hillsdale County Manufacturing Technical Center and the Jackson Career Center.)

CHAMPIONSHIP SPORTS - Athletics at Jonesville stress sound physical conditioning, sportsmanship and fair play, and the results show. With enthusiastic community support, our athletes and teams consistently dominate their leagues, regularly winning district and statewide honors. (We received the all-sports trophy in five out of six years.) Excellent coaching and high-level playing experience have earned college scholarship assistance for numerous Jonesville graduates.

Phoenix Alternative Secondary School

SECOND CHANCE - Established in 1982, the Phoenix Alternative Secondary School (PASS) illustrates the district's commitment to meeting the educational needs of all students. PASS provides remedial learning opportunities for young people with behavioral difficulties or whose educations have been interrupted by significant life problems. Students earn their high school diploma as they acquire specific vocational skills, gain practical work experience, and even prepare for college.

FAMILY SETTING - PASS students enjoy a unique learning experience in an adult atmosphere that reflects a sense of shared striving and mutual support very much like that in a family. Program participants gain a deep sense of commitment to their school that is reflected in the physical structure itself; PASS students provided the labor to convert the present school building from its former use as a light-assembly factory.

Meeting Special Needs and Goals

QUALITY ASSURANCE - Learning progress is maintained through regular planning and consultation between teachers in each grade, careful monitoring and sharing of individual student performance, and ongoing program evaluation.

HANDICAP ACCOMMODATION - Our approach to accommodating students with disabilities includes participation in regular classes as well as special arrangements to meet individual needs.

SPIRIT AND SERVICE - Community spirit is encouraged through student organizations and service projects. Our National Honor Society chapter conducts many efforts, including a food drive, educational fair, and welcoming events for new students and teachers. Students also support programs, such as Domestic Harmony (an anti-domestic abuse group), and set up festive lighted "luminaries" during the holidays. There is an active chapter of SADD (Students Against Driving Drunk) that sponsors a post-prom party, along with Peer Listening and other programs that cultivate positive commitments.

FRIENDLINESS AND DISCIPLINE - Jonesville's schools are known for their warm, friendly atmosphere, but priority is given to maintaining safe, productive environments in which students can learn. We insist that no one has a right to disrupt classroom order, impede others from learning, or create situations that put people in danger. The firmness of our discipline policy is backed by a strong and well established consensus in the local community.

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