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How We Charge...

— Up-Front Pricing and Firm Bids...

— Flexibility to Meet Your Budget

    and Special Needs...

Basic Rate

All creative services (including writing, research, creative direction, design and graphic production) are offered at a basic hourly rate. Travel and other non-productive time related to an assignment are charged at half-rate. Out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursable.

Package Pricing

We prefer to offer a bid on a complete assignment (projected from our basic hourly rate), so you can budget knowledgeably and be confident that there will be no unexpected costs. We're eager to work with you to meet your budgetary requirements and special needs. So our bids are based on a reasonable assessment of the time involved in a project, and cover all preparatory, creative and production processes, plus legitimate corrections and changes. Customer alterations that exceed the initial parameters of the project will incur additional hourly charges.

Materials and Acquired Services

We can broker photography, illustration, printing and other specialty production services, and handle procurement of any special materials (such as props for photographs) which might be required to complete an assignment.

Contact Us...

— by Phone at: 517- 437-3570

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We invite advertising and public

relations agencies and other

consulting and service firms to

inquire about obtaining our creative

services on a subcontracted basis.

Dr. Robert W. Blackstock


Hillsdale College

Hillsdale, Michigan

"Bill Koshelnyk writes with conviction, and he has a special sensitivity to the needs and viewpoint of the reader. Through both his copy and his creative direction, he was able to convey Hillsdale's unique appeal with consistent authority, while tailoring our message to several distinct market segments."

Sarah F. Briggs

Director of Communications

Albion College

Albion, Michigan

"A seasoned professional, Bill Koshelnyk couples a broad understanding of contemporary higher education with a fluid and lively writing style. He was able to bring a strong marketing perspective to our projects, and prepared copy that clearly addressed the needs and interests of our audience. Thanks to his understanding of graphic design, he also offered helpful advice on the visual presentation of the text to ensure that it would capture reader attention."

Mary Jo Chanski-Haab

Pacific Research Institute

San Francisco, California

"It is truly a professional pleasure to work with Bill Koshelnyk. His experience allows me to focus on content, while he provides the creative element; the combination of which is an impressive finished product. His creative vision, and ability to work with me in my ever-changing environment keep me coming back."

James R. Myers


Myers & Associates, Marketing Communications

Bryan, Ohio

"Flexibility is the hallmark of Bill Koshelnyk's skill as a writer. He has provided copy and creative concepts for a wide variety of materials, everything from institutional fundraising pieces to retail sales literature to capabilities brochures for manufacturers and service companies. He's always able to identify the key selling points and communicate them in ways that are understandable and motivating."

Jacqueline J. Roddy

Development and Philanthropy Consultant

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

"I enlisted Bill Koshelnyk both as publications consultant and as guest editor of a Midwestern liberal arts college's moribund quarterly magazine which never came out on schedule. Bill quickly reversed our fortunes and brought life and focus to the publication, presenting 'themes' with both depth and perspective. He appreciates the critical role which publications play in external relations, and is especially sensitive to fundraising issues.

"Resourceful and creative? YES! Solid writer? YES! Bill also anticipates future needs and plans for them. He works well with designers and production staff, because he is thoroughly conversant with and experienced in 'the process.' He honors deadlines and holds both staff and stringers to theirs.

"I look forward to working with Bill again and can unqualifiedly say that anyone who is fortunate enough to secure his professional services will be rewarded many times over."

Comments about our work from individuals we have served...