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EVANS is a family-owned business that has gained a national reputation for meeting a wide variety of shipping and freight-management needs.  Our system flexibility and commitment to total customer service equip us to handle any kind of shipment, from the simplest to the most complex. Our record of 96-percent on-time delivery puts EVANS among the best-performing freight companies in the Midwest.  We combine a top-of-the-line truck fleet with a thoroughly trained, experienced driving staff.  EVANS' logistical, freight-handling, dispatch and maintenance personnel keep shipments moving quickly, carefully and economically.

Evans Goes the Extra Mile

We are interested in building partnerships with customers who know they will be able to depend on us for the long term.  So we do whatever it takes to get the job done.  EVANS goes the extra mile, providing pick up, along with warehouse and distribution services to meet any specialized shipping or inventory management need.  Evans guarantees close supervision, careful handling, and on-time delivery of every shipment we schedule — all at no extra cost.

We're on top of our customers' critical scheduling, and we continuously monitor the status of every shipment. A state-of-the-art, satellite tracking system makes it possible for our dispatch personnel to pinpoint the location of any EVANS truck to within 1,000 feet, any time of the day or night. And with this satellite tracking, truck-to-base communication is continuous.  We also track weather and road conditions, and avoid unexpected delays through strict maintenance scheduling and system-wide procedures for total quality assurance.  EVANS has a record for safety (of personnel, equipment and materials carried) that exceeds the standards of the industry.  Care in recruitment has built a staff of drivers whose skills and experience are unmatched.

EVANS Flatbed Division

Flexibility is the focus of EVANS' Flatbed Division. We offer a wide variety of equipment to meet every specialized carrying need...

- Side Kits

- Open Flats

- Extendable Flats

- Dropdecks and Drop Trailers

  1. -Tri-Axle Flats (capable up to 72,000 lbs)

  2. -Drop Trailers

- Air Ride Equipment

  1. -Regional and OTR hauling

  2. -Dedicated Services

EVANS Van Division

EVANS' Van Division is geared to custom service.  We provide equipment, drivers and scheduling to support any production and delivery timetable...

- 48 ft and 53 ft Vans

- Air Ride Equipment

- Load Lock System

- Drop Trailers

- Team Operations

- Time Sensitive Deliveries

  1. -Dedicated Services

  2. -Tautliner Trailers


EVANS Logistics

EVANS' Logistics Division offers sophisticated transportation design that combines our own hauling capabilities with freight handling, storage and distribution, plus fully cost-controlled outsource carrier arrangements to provide a comprehensive package of sophisticated transport and inventory management services that meet your specific needs...

- Nationwide Planning/Routing/Scheduling

- Warehousing/Storage Trailers

- Freight Management/Inventory Control

- Multi-Point Distribution

- Multiple-Carrier Trans-Shipment — Air/Sea/Land

  1. -Total Cost Management — Internal/Outsource

EVANS does whatever it takes to get your load to any destination on time.  Although Evans’ trucks operate primarily in the eastern half of the United States, we maintain partnerships with carriers all across the country.  No mater how big or small the shipment, how specialized the equipment required, or how tight the schedule, we are there for our customers.  That is the way we do business in our family.  Call EVANS today!

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Business-to-Business Promotion

Late 1990s

Extract from a brochure promoting logistics and hauling services provided by this Indiana-based trucking company

Services Provided:

  1. Research/Interviewing

  2. Copywriting

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