The Future

Sounds Great!

Because while our

challenges are great,

God’s grace is greater.

Dear Guild Member:

As we approach our Spring Membership Drive, consider some recent challenges:

In Connecticut, legislators proposed to restructure the Catholic Church. Bishop Lori of Bridgeport urged Ave Maria Radio listeners to register their protest. The next day, the legislation was withdrawn.

Dan (“Da Vinci Code”) Brown has another movie in production, “Angels and Demons.” We’re already preparing to seize our opportunity to point out the distortions in this shameless anti-Catholic film — and proclaim the Faith.

Are there any grown-ups in Washington? As I write, our representatives are outdoing one another in an orgy of vein-popping bombast and tantrums, behaving more like angry adolescents than Members of Congress. Is it too much to hope for mature men and women to bear the fruit of the Spirit and exhibit the (apparently forgotten) tradition of Christian statesmanship?

Yet Christ is Risen! That’s why Ave Maria Radio strives to broadcast the Faith, credibly and reliably. Ours is the most hopeful message of all time — precisely what our children and grandchildren need to hear, in order to live unencumbered by the shame, shallowness and fear that dominate today’s stifling secular culture.

Our 2009 Spring Membership Drive is set for the week of April 20-24. Once again, I’m coming to you in advance to ask for your generous assistance. We have a number of pre-drive expenses, like extra phones and advertising. And, as usual, we’re seeking challenge grants and matching-gift commitments to encourage greater participation by others.

Please give prayerful consideration to how you can help. If you gave during last year’s drives, please consider renewing your pledge and (if you’re able to do so) perhaps even increasing it. As Benedict XVI wrote: we are “Saved In Hope.” Together let’s spread the only real hope there is: the risen Christ.

Act today, so we can move forward in our partnership in the New Evangelization — in spite of great challenges.

Al Kresta, CEO

Ave Maria Radio

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