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2008 Spring

Membership Drive

Dear Guild Member:

The image at right says it all: lay men and women working together to lift up the most enduring and powerful symbol of truth and hope — real hope — in the history of humankind.

But these days, the cross of Christ is rarely lifted up in a very public way. Certainly not by the media that intrude so deeply into modern life. What most media offer us is vulgarity masquerading as entertainment and the warped agendas of politicians and pressure groups passed off as news.

That’s why it’s critically important to maintain a strong Catholic presence on the nation’s airwaves. I’m speaking, of course, about Ave Maria Radio. This indispensable broadcast

ministry is the voice of the faith-filled laity, working in partnership with clergy and Church leaders to spread the only message in which true hope resides: the message of Christ’s love.

It’s no mystery why our society is facing a “perfect storm” of moral confusion, economic shock, and the challenge of Radical Islam. We’ve come to this point because a certain set of seemingly attractive — but really inhuman — ideas have been foisted on us by the major media. We’ve been told over and over again that the core values that sustained us for two millennia are out of date, stifling to individual freedom, and unfair to those who “don’t share our views.”

And now our confidence is so shaken that parents fail to teach and discipline their children; the lives of our vulnerable young are threatened daily; religious institutions aren’t free to operate according to the precepts of their faith; and the most oppressive religious/cultural movement in the world stands ready to pick up the pieces of a shattered Christian Civilization.

I do not exaggerate when I say that Ave Maria Radio is one of the very few public voices speaking the truth, proclaiming the Word of God and the teaching of His Church today.

In fact, we are the leading producer of original Catholic radio programming, highly listenable, sophisticated, and entirely faithful to the Magisterium. We serve our home communities through the three stations we operate. And our programs are also heard on some 120 other stations around the country, as well as on Sirius Satellite Radio, the EWTN global shortwave service, and on at: That’s a long way from where we were when we started 11 years sgo, before we even had a studio.)

This vital work of evangelism, community building, and defense of the faith is accomplished through your generous support. So, I come to you once again to ask for your continued support as we approach our 2008 Spring Membership Drive.

As usual with these twice-yearly campaigns, we face expenses related to advertising, special telephone service, the costs of thank-you gifts, and other items. In addition, we seek challenge funds and matching gift commitments to use in encouraging generosity among other donors.

Please give prayerful thought to how you can help. If you gave to last year’s spring drive, please consider renewing your pledge and perhaps increasing it. If you gave to this past fall drive, you can add to your current pledge now. An acknowledgment will be sent to you confirming the total value of your increased pledge.

Help Ave Maria Radio lift high the cross of Christ. Because our only real hope is in Him.

Together — in His grace, in His truth — we can make a difference. Please use the enclosed reply envelope to pledge now. And may God bless you for your faithfulness and your generosity.

Al Kresta, CEO

Ave Maria Radio

PS: Challenges multiply the impact of your gift, and are remarkably effective in encouraging generous participation among other donors. In fact, they have become increasingly important in meeting our campaign goals. Please indicate on the envelope if you are making your gift a challenge. Many thanks!

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