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“...offers perhaps the closest equivalent today to what Jesus was able to do with large groups through his preaching.”

That’s Pope John Paul II speaking about the power of religious broadcasting.  The Holy Father recognizes radio as “an intimate medium which can reach people on the street, in their cars or in their homes.” And he suggests that radio “may well be the most effective means of reaching large numbers of people.”

Radio’s unique capability to communicate broadly and effectively has never been more urgently needed than it is right now.  As I’ve observed before, the Church and Christian civilization are under siege to an extent rarely experienced.

We face the ongoing threat of international terrorism aimed at imposing a warped vision of Islam on the entire world.  At the same time, we have a homegrown radical movement that’s set on attacking faith in the name of utopian secularist notions that reject all religious traditions.  And, strangely enough, these two forces — which would seem totally opposed in every way — have entered in an odd and dangerous alliance based on nothing more than their shared hatred for Christ and His Church.

This is a unique moment in history when we can see just how critically important the Christian message is — for society as a whole ... for our local Catholic community ... for individual souls ... for your family’s future.

WE are being called upon to bring the Word of God to those who otherwise might never have the chance to hear it proclaimed accurately and forthrightly.  Radio can do that.  But we need your help to make this vital effort possible.

Please take a minute to look over this flyer, and consider how you might participate.  May the Lord bless you in your generosity.

Al Kresta


Turn on Your Faith!

During our Spring Membership Drive — April 4-8!

Please Help Ave Maria Radio Expand and Improve in the Following Key Areas:

1. New Programming

• Faith-focused instructional programs designed to aid our pastors in catechetics and evangelistic outreach...

• Public affairs programming that looks at critical issues from a Catholic point of view...

• Arts and entertainment programming focused on our Catholic cultural heritage...

2. Technical Infrastructure

• Improved signal clarity throughout our coverage area...

• Expanded on-location production capability...

• Long-term service enhancements, with exciting new technologies like digital broadcasting...

3. Community Service

• Increased coverage of key Catholic events, broadcast from locations around southeast Michigan...

• Building community by connecting listeners with Catholic businesses, institutions and services throughout our broadcast area...

4. Online Resources

• Expanded informational and archival resources available on our website...

• Enhanced interactivity, especially geared toward bringing faith resources to families and children...

• Improved webcasting capability...

• • •

Fund Raising

Mid ‘00s

Extract from a brochure describing a Catholic broadcasting apostolate and its current financial needs, directed at established and potential donors, included as part of a fund-raising mailing

Services Provided:

  1. Creative Conception

  2. Copywriting

  3. Design Supervision

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