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Catholic Radio is at the leading edge of a nationwide movement to rebuild the cultural, moral and spiritual underpinnings of our society.  It’s the strong, reassuring voice of the faith-filled Catholic laity, working in partnership with clergy and Church leaders.

Catholic Radio reaches a wide audience with the life-changing message of the Gospel, the teaching of the Catholic Church, and a fresh moral perspective on critical issues and events.  It counters the shallow assumptions of the secular media…touches people one-to-one...and makes a difference in individual lives.

Catholic Radio uses the latest technology of mass communication to spread the timeless Word of God.  It draws people into the Kingdom…reawakens faith in those whose lives have lost spiritual focus…puts people into the pews of parishes all over the country.

And only the generosity of dedicated believers like yourself can make it all happen.  That’s why we’ve established the Ave Maria Communications Guild.

The Guild is a family of individuals and companies committed to advancing this exciting movement for renewal by building a strong Catholic community throughout Michigan, and developing sophisticated, listenable and doctrinally sound programming to serve Catholic stations across the country.

Please consider the efforts detailed in this brochure, and give prayerful reflection to how you can join in this important initiative.

May God bless you!


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the Ave Maria Communications Guild

Ave Maria Radio is the preeminent voice of Catholic Radio and the foremost distributor of Catholic programming to radio stations throughout the United States.  WDEO, our station in the Detroit-Ann Arbor area, was the first outlet in the nation to broadcast the radio offerings of EWTN.  We have developed a satellite network that distributes programs produced by such authoritative sources as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Answers, St. Joseph Communications, the Pastoral Solutions Institute, Renewal Ministries, the National Parent Commission, Presentation Ministries, and others.  And we produce a variety of our own highly regarded programs, including America’s only all-topic talk show with a Catholic perspective, Kresta in the Afternoon.

Local Base, National Reach

Ave Maria Radio has both a regional and a national focus.  We currently operate two stations: WDEO (990 AM) in Detroit-Ann Arbor, and WMAX (1440 AM) serving the  Tri-Cities area (Saginaw, Bay City and Midland). The combined signal coverage of those two stations makes Catholic Radio receivable from the “thumb” of Michigan all the way to Toledo, Ohio, an area with a population of nearly seven million.

We serve listeners in this home region with our full schedule of nationally distributed programs, along with special local features that target the interests and concerns of our core audience.  The lead regional production is Catholic Connection, a daily morning call-in talk show hosted by longtime Detroit media personality Teresa Tomeo. We also provide live coverage of key events in the Michigan Catholic community, such as the annual Call to Holiness conference.  And every week, we broadcast presentations by such nationally known speakers as Fr. John Ricardo from the Cardinal Maida Institute at the St. John’s Center.

From this strong local base, Ave Maria Radio exerts an influence that is truly national.  Our satellite network makes it possible for Catholic stations—most of them independent, family-owned concerns—to receive first-quality Catholic programming.  In addition, we provide technical and business consultation to Catholic broadcasters around the country, aiding them in their start-ups of new radio ministries to reach people who would not otherwise ever be able to hear Catholic Radio.

Our Guild of Supporters

In order to serve our audience effectively and extend our operational and programming reach, we have brought together an assortment of individuals, companies and organizations that share our vision of broadcast ministry to create the Ave Maria Communications Guild.  The Guild consolidates our financial base by encouraging support through two critical means: (1) prayer, volunteer effort, and charitable giving by our listeners, and (2) prudential investment by Christian businesses that see Catholic Radio as a unifying force and a crucial link to their customers.

Individuals who participate in the Guild enjoy special benefits provided by business members who appreciate the importance of strengthening the Catholic community (and building the Catholic market—which is essential to strengthening Catholic identity).  We emphasize to listeners that it’s not only their direct contributions that help keep Catholic Radio on the air, but their ongoing commitment to the businesses that are a vital part of the regional economy and whose support is critical to our future.

Join the Guild, Spread the Word

Catholic Radio meets people “where they live,” touching the soul of each individual listener in a direct, personal, even intimate way…sharing the Gospel in language that is clear and understandable…demonstrating the timelessness and ongoing relevance of the Christian message…and confronting the harmful influences present in so much of modern media and current popular culture.

You can help advance this important work by joining the Ave Maria Communications Guild and telling your friends about Catholic Radio.  Please contact us today...

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Fund Raising

Early ‘00s

Extract from a brochure describing a Catholic broadcasting apostolate, directed at potential donors

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