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Brochure explaining the contract manufacturing capabilities of a Detroit-area low-volume production service

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Allmand Associates, Inc.

Where Quality Tooling and Production

for Low-Volume Applications

Become a Profitable Reality





Your Complete, One-Stop Supplier

For Injection-Molded Plastic Parts


- Turn-Key Service: Design through Production

- All Design/Production Services Under One Roof

- Quick Turnaround on Prototyping

- Custom Tooling for Any Part, Large or Small

- Lower-Cost Zinc Alloy Mold Casting/Machining

- Molding Capability for All Polymer Materials

- Secondary Finishing and Assembly Available

- Q1 and ISO-9002 Quality Assurance Standards

  1. -Tool Quality Guaranteed for the Length of Your Production Run

At Allmand Associates we design solutions to your specialized plastic manufacturing problems. We are the experts at quick-turnaround, low-cost prototyping and cost-effective production in quantities that would be uneconomical if you had to deal with ordinary component suppliers.

We provide the engineering, consultation, tooling and production capabilities to make your design concepts practical - all under one roof. And we've developed a comprehensive, turn-key system - refined over three decades - that makes plastic injection molding profitable in a wide range of applications, especially in low-volume runs or service production of aftermarket replacement parts.

Our specialty is figuring out how to make it work, how to make it pay. We've got the resources, the flexibility and the expertise to accomplish your manufacturing objectives - on time, on budget.




In-House CAD Department

Translates Your Part Designs

Into Tools that Produce...

Functionality is the key to profitable manufacturing. Allmand Associates' in-house CAD (computer-aided design) department translates your part design into tooling that can produce molded components economically. We combine state-of-the-art technology with practical experience and a keen sense of customer service, offering guidance on design modifications that can reduce manufacturing complexity, avoid costly production delays, and make your part designs truly functional.

We can work from design data provided in a variety of storage and communication formats - disk, CD, DAT, modem, even through the Internet - so time, distance and data compatibility pose no obstacles to meeting your production plans and deadlines. We can even work from clay models, using our digitizing capability to create the 3-D geometry with which CNC (computer numerical control) programs are written to direct the machining process.

Kirksite™ Zinc-Alloy Casting

Creates Molds that Save

Material and Machining Costs...

Allmand Associates is the leader in tool design primarily for prototype development and low-volume production. We cast molds up to 16,000 pounds from Kirksite™, a recyclable zinc-alloy material that is considerably less expensive and more easily machined than steel. Kirksite™ molds yield significant savings in limited-quantity, high-pressure applications. But they are also suitable for larger-volume, low-pressure RIM (reaction injection molding) production using Telene™ liquid polymer - another manufacturing specialty in which Allmand is recognized as a leader.

Low cost and ease of workability make zinc-alloy tooling especially practical when a high degree of production flexibility is required. For instance, limited-quantity component runs of multi-part assemblies - requiring short press time and multiple molds - become much more feasible with Kirksite™ zinc-alloy casting. And you enjoy even greater savings by using the same Kirksite™ tooling for both development of your prototype and your initial production.

Complete Press Flexibility

From 175 to 3,000 Tons Meets

Specialized Production Needs...

Allmand Associates offers flexible, wide-spectrum manufacturing capacity, with high-pressure injection molding equipment from 175 to 3,000 tons - to cover parts of virtually every size, shape, thickness and complexity - as well as RIM liquid molding capability. So all components of your job, or assemblies requiring different polymer materials, can be run simultaneously.

To meet your individual needs, we offer special services, such as short-run production from customer-supplied steel tooling. We even have storage facilities to warehouse steel molds for future service production of aftermarket replacement parts, as required.

For parts with especially complex shapes or variable thicknesses, we offer the CINPRESS (controlled internal pressure) gas-assisted injection molding process. Developed in Britain, CINPRESS is a revolutionary approach to injection molding that allows greater design flexibility with less polymer material and lower pressure, by applying a controlled flow of gas to help distribute the plastic within a mold cavity.




Production Under One Roof

- Design to Finishing - Means

Fast Delivery, Total Quality...

With the production process housed at a single location - a one-stop manufacturing facility - Allmand Associates can take a part design from concept to completion quickly, to help bring your product to market sooner. We provide all foundry work, press production and secondary finishing services, such as drilling, trimming, sanding and painting, as well as mechanical fastening and other specialized assembly processes like sonic welding.

We do it all with a level of craftsman and attention to detail that reflect our three decades of experience and guarantee complete quality assurance at every stage of the manufacturing process - expertise which has earned us Q1 and ISO-9002 quality certification. In fact, we literally guarantee successful completion of your project. If your Kirksite™ mold should fail for any reason, we will replace it at no additional cost to you

So call Allmand Associates today. Find out how we can make big ideas practical - and small production profitable - for you.

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