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This is a special moment in the history of Albion - and a great time for you to be looking into Albion's public schools.

As a community, we are benefitting from the development and renewal taking place throughout south-central Michigan. We're a small city that enjoys all the virtues of our rural location. At the same time, we're experiencing the technological advancement that has spurred unprecedented industrial growth and economic opportunity throughout the region.

As a school district, we have made the commitment to provide first-class education for our young people. We've backed that commitment with a $10 million investment in our facilities and technical infrastructure.

The public schools of Albion reflect our community - its character, its concerns, its promise. They give students learning experiences that prepare them for the way the world is at the start of this new millennium: technically sophisticated, economically competitive, ethnically diverse.

This brochure offers a glimpse at our schools and programs. Please take a moment to read it, and consider the Public Schools of Albion. Many thanks!

The Albion Board of Education


Working Together to Help

Young People Succeed in:


- Academic Preparation

- Character Development

- Community Life

- The Global Economy

Albion is a place where people know how to work together. We've learned to appreciate the strengths which different individuals and groups bring to our community life - strengths that have pulled us through the hard times and enriched us in the good.

Albion's public schools benefit from those strengths. We're able to incorporate a wide variety of community resources into our programs, not only as cost effective support for our professional teaching staff, but as a key aspect of the comprehensive learning experience for which Albion's public schools are known.

Individual Attention

More than half of our teachers have taught in the district for over 10 years, and many are originally from the Albion area themselves. That gives us a special affinity for the community and for our students. We understand that, while young people may represent particular segments of Albion's diverse population, each is an individual with specific talents, interests and needs. We meet those needs, through:

- a fully credentialed teaching staff with broad accomplishments and statewide recognition

- well developed curricular programs constantly updated through a team-based process of evaluation and quality improvement

- high academic expectations, good counselling, sound discipline, and close teacher-student-family relationships

- encouragement from participating community members, and active alliances with other institutions, educational providers, and civic agencies

- special enrichment opportunities (both inside and outside the district), and alternative educational programs

- numerous opportunities for athletic competition and physical development

- well maintained facilities and up-to-date technology

- a wide variety of special programs to serve every segment of our learning population, from pre-kindergarten for four-year-olds to adult and community education.

We pay careful attention to every student, providing whatever help is needed so that each of those special individuals can learn, can grow, can achieve. By helping our students succeed, we help to enhance the quality of life in our community, strengthen the regional economy, and make Albion a better place for all of our families to live.

Competence and Character

This is a time of dramatic change and equally dramatic opportunity. In a global economy that's increasingly inter-connected and competitive, young people are facing demands for knowledge and competence that exceed anything required of earlier generations.

While they gain the skills to function in a technologically sophisticated workplace, they must also prepare themselves for the meeting of cultures typical of both business and everyday life. Success today requires not only educational achievement, but soundness of character - in particular, the ability to interact comfortably and deal ethically in a cross-cultural setting.

The public schools of Albion provide students with learning experiences perfectly suited to the local community in which they live and the global economic environment in which they will have to function. In the truest sense it's preparation for life in the real world.


The Public Schools of Albion


- Comprehensive Academics

- Personal Enrichment

- Community Involvement

  1. -Individual Attention

Instruction in the Albion Public Schools focuses on the challenge of bringing students to proficiency in all curriculum areas as preparation for higher education or career training. Our goal is to provide young people with a solid foundation for life as responsible, productive adults.

The basis of our educational vision is an abiding respect for diversity - not just for differences in ethnic background or economic status, but for the infinitely varied characteristics that define each of us as individual human beings, the ultimate expression of diversity. Our balanced program of instruction meets traditional academic standards and objectives while maintaining a high degree of flexibility to nurture each young person's unique gifts and offer maximum opportunity to succeed.

Distinctive Facilities

Each school has its own atmosphere and learning style, designed to instill a sense of school identity and personal pride. We have a comprehensive special education curriculum for students who have specific impairments, including a dedicated classroom for pre-primary children with disabilities. We also maintain an alternative instructional site for high school-level students in need of non-traditional teaching approaches to accommodate particular life situations that might impede their achieving graduation.

Kindergarten-through-fifth-grade students can attend any of Albion's four elementary schools, regardless of where they live. But one school in particular, the Albion Open School, was a pioneer in the "magnet school" movement. Established in 1970, the Open School employs a team-teaching approach that calls upon the greatest strengths of its instructional staff by having each teacher cover a particular subject in the school's unique, self-paced curriculum. It encourages a high degree of interaction between students, with older children helping their younger peers, and has special appeal to parents willing to support their children in this very special learning experience.

Technology and Opportunity

Computers and computer-based instruction are integral elements in virtually all subjects taught in the Albion schools. Students are thoroughly trained to use the latest technological tools to improve learning, do more effective research, and master work skills. Computers put a virtually unlimited array of research resources within easy reach. Both the Middle School and High School libraries have direct links to the Albion Public Library, Albion College Library, and Access Michigan (a huge periodicals database). Thousands of additional libraries and databases are searchable via the Internet.

High school-level students gain access to supplemental studies through the DIAL (Distance Inter-Active Learning) studio, which connects the Albion High School campus directly to a cooperative statewide educational network providing instruction in a wide range of subjects. In addition, Juniors and seniors are eligible to take career-oriented courses at the Calhoun Area Technical Center in Battle Creek (with transportation provided by the district).

Students can also explore areas of personal interest and cultivate special talents through many extra-curricular activities and student clubs (such as theater, band, choir, forensics, publications, National Honor Society, Future Problem Solvers, Odessey of the Mind, and others). Music, art and physical education are offered at all levels, with a full roster of varsity and intramural athletics, including football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, swimming and other sports. In addition, close associations with Albion College and other regional institutions and community organizations present numerous opportunities for advanced study and cultural enrichment.

Special Programs

We offer a wide variety of instructional programs at all levels to meet particular needs, foster each student's special strengths, and overcome difficulties that can hamper individual progress. Since many learning problems involve issues of personality, behavior and self-perception, several of these programs have a strong social component emphasizing close interpersonal contact, either between older and younger peers, with volunteers from the community, or with teachers in special mentoring settings. This allows students to benefit from the encouragement that comes with shared experience, personal example, and genuine human concern. Special programs include:

- Brighter Futures - an after-school supplemental-studies and recreation program for K-5 students, held at two locations, offering support in all academic subjects along with character development, cultural enrichment, and interpersonal skills (especially helpful for children in working-parent "latchkey" situations, and open to non-public school students as well).

- HOSTS - (Help One Student To Succeed) a nationwide community participation program designed to complement existing curriculum, reinforce teaching staff, and improve educational outcomes by bringing adults into the classroom to serve as tutors, mentors and role models, working with students in ongoing, one-on-one relationships.

- PAGE - (Program for Albion's Gifted Enrichment) a variety of special learning opportunities, beginning in grade 3, for students with accelerated capabilities or demonstrated gifts in specific subjects or talent areas.

- Dual Enrollment - opportunities for high school seniors to get a head start on college studies by taking freshman classes at either Albion College or Kellogg Community College (receiving both high school and college credit). We also maintain articulation agreements that let Albion students obtain tuition-free college credit in business-related subjects from Baker College, Davenport College, Jackson Community College, and Kellogg Community College.

- Albion Schools/Business Partnership - opportunities for internships and "job shadowing" that allow students to develop work-force readiness skills and explore their strengths and interests in regard to different fields of employment, conducted with participating companies throughout the Albion community.

- REACH - (Responding to Educational Alternatives with Community Help) an out-of-class instructional program designed to maintain learning continuity and provide special support for students with disruptive behavioral problems who have been suspended from school, and to strengthen school-family relations in order to avoid problems in the future.

- Sister City - a language-supplement and foreign-enrichment program that lets high school students experience life in an overseas city, Noisy-le-Roi, France, and brings their French counterparts to Albion for two-week cultural exchange visits.

In addition, all Albion students are required to take part in four service projects each year, often in cooperation with local service organizations. This requirement is intended to increase young people's awareness of themselves as members of a community with responsibilities to their neighbors and others around them.

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