Anthropology & Sociology

Today’s complex social problems and

interest in cultural diversity create

increased opportunities for those

with knowledge about cultural groups

and inter-group relations.

The increased attention accorded to America’s diverse ethnic and cultural roots has created a demand for people with knowledge about world cultures, social dynamics, and the problems that arise when different racial, religious and nationality groups interact.  Such concerns are the province of anthropology and sociology, academic specialties that provide excellent background for a wide range of careers in both government and the private sector.

Sociological/anthropological study at Albion emphasizes quantitative and analytical skills, critical thinking, and hands-on research to: (1) give you a thorough understanding of nationality, ethnicity and other expressions of group identity; (2) equip you with the social science tools needed to make perceptive observations and reasoned judgments about trends and social forces at work in our complex, modern society; and (3) provide a foundation of knowledge that will prepare you for either graduate study or a career that requires thoughtful understanding of how societies and their institutions operate.

Albion’s Department of Anthropology and Sociology offers two academic tracks: the anthropology emphasis, which focuses on the diversity in human lifestyles, values and world views; and the sociology emphasis, which concentrates on groups and structures within societies.


Anthropology is the comprehensive analysis of human diversity.  It examines human evolution, biological diversity, how people throughout history have grappled with the basic problems of existence, and the infinite variety of institutions, beliefs and ways of living that have emerged from such human effort.  Archeology plays a major role in anthropological study at Albion, and numerous opportunities are available to participate in excavations at sites, both in the United States and outside the country.


Sociology focuses on contemporary issues, trends and conditions within a society.  It examines the structure of social institutions — family, religion, schools, government, the legal system, other organizations — and how such institutions impact individual lives and society in general.  Attention is given to social policy and effective public administration.  And, reflecting the heightened interest in social diversity within our pluralistic contemporary society, expressions of group identity, such as race, ethnicity, nationality and religion, receive intensive study, with special concern shown for resolving conflicts between groups.

Special Learning Opportunities

Students in anthropology and sociology are encouraged to participate in off-campus study programs at universities in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, and in internships and field experiences, including archeological digs in Latin America and other locations.  Many of these programs are available thanks to Albion’s membership in the Great Lakes Colleges Association.

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