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A Message from the President

The next century came to Adrian College when the Class of 2000 arrived on campus.  It was another reminder that the future is impatient and we need to be prepared.

That is why, over the past several years, we have been busy evaluating the College’s resources and attempting to project what will be required to meet the needs of students whose professional lives will begin with the new millennium.

A Challenging Task

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of life today, altered every formula by which personal accomplishment and general prosperity have been measured.  Concepts like “interconnectedness,” global economy” and “constant change” have become woven into the fabric of our daily living.

We look ahead to a period of profound unpredictability, when our society will depend more than ever on the intellectual development of the young.  How we fare in this new era will be determined by men and women whose personal academic preparation combines a broad knowledge base with sophisticated analytical skills and technological proficiency — and who are highly sensitive to the cultural nuances of a world in which information is exchanged instantly, and expectations of progress have accelerated tremendously.

Vision for Success

I believe that the liberal arts provide the comprehensive educational vision necessary to succeed in this challenging environment.  And I’m convinced that only an institution with deep moral and spiritual roots can provide the ethical strength required to maintain balance and purpose in a period of such great change and uncertainty.

Adrian College is well positioned for these formidable tasks.  Our intellectual resources, campus facilities and well established collegiate traditions have earned us recognition as a first-rate living/learning community.  Students from a wide variety of backgrounds experience Adrian as an ideal place for scholarly development and personal growth.  They thrive in an atmosphere that demands academic rigor, respects a diversity of viewpoints and appreciates the differing gifts and insights which faculty members and fellow students have to offer.

A Firm Foundation

This is the firm foundation on which we must build for the future.  And we are beginning now.

The presentation that follows sets forth the needs and objectives of Adrian’s Commitment to Excellence campaign, a comprehensive effort to strengthen the resources with which we are preparing to meet the educational challenges of a new century.  I invite you to take a few minutes to evaluate our plans.  Then I would like you to make a commitment to supporting Adrian College.

With your commitment to excellence, we can insure that the Class of 2000, and all that come after, will be well equipped to face the future, whatever challenges it may hold.

My sincerest thanks,

Dr. Stanley P. Caine, President


to Excellence

Adrian College has a long-standing, widely recognized tradition of commitment to educational excellence which has focused on:

• classroom teaching that stimulates students to high levels of academic involvement and achievement;

• small class size and personal attention, allowing professors to identify individual strengths and encourage students to explore the full measure of their potential;

• a learning environment which stretches beyond the campus, through a highly effective program of internships and other applied learning opportunities;

• an inclusive tradition which invites men and women of talent from many cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to study and interact;

• a commitment to instilling values and cultivating a sense of service to others as the responsible application of knowledge and an essential ingredient of civic life.

The Goals

The Commitment to Excellence campaign is a logical and timely extension of this Adrian tradition — with an eye toward the special challenges the College faces as it anticipates the new century.  We are embarking on a landmark five-year, $15 million effort aimed at accomplishing three major goals:

1. to enhance the overall environment for learning;

2. to maintain and improve accessibility to our unique living/learning community by a wide variety of students; and

3. to improve the College’s institutional strength and guarantee its financial security for the foreseeable future.

These objectives were arrived at through a careful process of intensive self-scrutiny and strategic planning which has taken several years and involved virtually the entire College community.  That process yields a new mission statement and some twenty-two objectives, all designed to reaffirm Adrian’s commitment to quality education, to its students, to society, and to its United Methodist ties.

The plan reflects the enormous progress which has already been made in bringing Adrian College to its present level of distinction.  And it sets the stage for the next leap of progress which — with successful completion of the Commitment to Excellence campaign — will take us to an even higher level.

Adrian College is a

challenging, caring

educational community

where students from

diverse backgrounds

prepare for active,

successful and

responsible lives.

Adrian College Mission Statement

Adopted 1994

The Mission

Our mission statement is a new expression of an approach to undergraduate education which has unfolded over Adrian College’s long and distinguished history.  It has always been a “challenging, caring educational community.”  Our students have long represented unusually “diverse backgrounds,” rural and urban, from Michigan and around the nation and the world, from various cultural backgrounds, some whose parents and grandparents attended Adrian and many others who are the first in their families to attend college.  The accomplishments of our alumni attest to the quality of preparation they received for “active, successful and responsible lives.”

Adrian is consistently ranked among outstanding colleges and universities.  For instance, U.S. News and World Report’s “1996 Best Colleges Guide” placed us fifth among Midwest liberal arts institutions specifically for our faculty’s “unusually strong commitment to undergraduate teaching.”

Such recognition reflects the superb quality of our faculty, 79 percent of whose members hold the terminal degree in their academic fields.  Adrian professors are deeply committed to teaching, and their effectiveness in the classroom is enhanced by an ongoing effort to keep class sizes small (our average student-faculty ratio is currently 13:1).

Consequently, several members of our faculty have been honored for teaching excellence, including two Sears-Roebuck Foundation Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership award winners and two professors recently recognized by the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies for their creation of an innovative team-taught course.

The results of such first-rate pedagogy are evident in the scholarly recognition received by many Adrian students.  Recent examples include:

• The IBM Scholars Program, which honors outstanding female and minority science and engineering students, annually selects one student from each state.  In both 1994 and 1995, the student named from Michigan came from Adrian College.

• In March 1996, two Adrian students presented papers at the annual meeting of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters — a rare accomplishment for undergraduate students.

• A member of the Class of 1996 was named the “NCAA Woman of the Year for Michigan” for her extraordinary record of academic and athletic achievement and community leadership.  She was one of only two Division III athletes named to the 1996 first team GTE Academic All American Team.

A Place of Opportunity

Our students view Adrian as a place which creates opportunities.  They come from Michigan and around the country and from abroad.  Some are “legacies,” returning to the place where their parents and even grandparents acquired the tools to succeed.  Others, nearly half of the student body, are “first generation,” whose parents did not attend college.  These students often bring a special pride of accomplishment and a zeal to succeed which the College nurtures and supports.

In its quest to reach out to able and talented students who need encouragement and assistance to reach their full potential, the College has committed itself to a number of targeted programs.  One example is ASPIRES, a Detroit-based collaborative endeavor involving the Scott Memorial United Methodist Church, Mackenzie High School and Adrian College.  Participating students receive tutoring and mentoring assistance during high school and scholarship assistance while attending Adrian College.  Such special efforts support their desire to pursue what might otherwise have been an unattainable dream: attending and completing college.  Four of the first ASPIRES students were graduated with the Class of 1996.  The ASPIRES program has become a model for creating opportunity for disadvantaged students in other areas of the country.

Adrian’s dedication to opportunity goes beyond this country.  Two years ago the College committed itself to supporting the Business Education Initiative for the Inter-Church Committee for Northern Ireland.  This ecumenical effort brings Protestant and Catholic students to the U.S. to study business subjects.  As they enhance their knowledge and skills, visiting students from Queens University in Belfast come to understand better how acceptance of diversity can help resolve conflicts between contending groups — insight that is of undeniable benefit to their troubled homeland.

For all our students, Adrian College is a rich and stimulating environment.  As students from many backgrounds, cultures and traditions interact and learn together, they prepare themselves for effective living and work in a society and a world which is diverse and complex.  They are ready and eager to accept the challenges and the opportunities which result from a shrinking world and a global economy.

Leadership and Responsibility

Adrian’s small size and our commitment to individual development provide unlimited opportunities for students to gain teamwork experience and hone leadership skills through participation in College organizations and campus activities.  We also maintain multiple internship relationships with corporations, social service agencies and nonprofit organizations, so students can acquire practical, “real-world” experience in professional settings before formally embarking on their careers.

The College’s strong ties to the United Methodist Church foster our resolve to encourage students to strengthen their beliefs and values — particularly through making personal commitments to helping others.  We support a variety of worthy causes and sponsor our own schedule of service activities.  Students are immediately initiated into the College’s tradition of community spirit as the freshman class participates in service projects throughout the city of Adrian during the annual Community Plunge.

We are confident that the accomplishments, the traditions and the institutional character of Adrian College position us well to face the new century.  But we cannot be complacent.  We know there is much work to be done.

Following are specific projects and funding goals designed to fortify Adrian’s position as a premier center of liberal arts education into the next century and beyond.  Please consider how you can help us achieve them...

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Direct-to-Donor Promotion

Late 1990s

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