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Principal of the firm is William Koshelnyk, a writer and creative director with long experience in virtually every area of media production.  He has held staff positions with such prestigious companies as Dow Jones and McGraw Hill, and in the nonprofit world, with Hillsdale College and The Ave Maria Foundation.

Corporate Information

Company Publications, Inc. is chartered in the State of Michigan and headquartered in Hillsdale, MI, with affiliates in Kalamazoo, MI, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. We provide creative services for marketing, fund-raising and public relations; publish books, music, and other literary and artistic materials; and promote the work of a select group of creative artists to the art, literary and entertainment markets.

Our Privacy Policy

Information obtained is used only for the purposes of providing services, fulfilling orders, communicating with customers, or responding to those who have expressed interest in our services and products or the artists we represent. We do not make identifying information available to any other companies or organizations. We do not warrant — nor do we take responsibility for — the policies or business practices of entities whose websites are linked to this site.

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